Kenda Capital is co-founder and investor in Shell Technology Ventures Fund 1 B.V. (the Fund). Major investors in the Fund are Shell, Coller Capital and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. Kenda is also active in respect of upstream oil and gas assets.

Kenda possess a solid energy sector expertise and (investment) networks fostered through unique technology incubation experience and decades of upstream oil and gas involvement across the globe.

Kenda’s primary focus is on the upstream oil and gas sector, but also works with others to selectively invests in technology and downstream O&G.

Upstream oil and gas assets focus is on material HCIIP that are hamstrung due to lack of attention or special challenges hindering their proper exploitation or financing by mainstream operators or investors.

Technology focus is on oil and gas exploration, sub surface visualisation, well construction , completion and lift, EOR and automation and optimization software.