Kenda Capital is staffed with experienced business, investment and technical professionals with a significant track record in developing and launching new technologies in the Energy sector.

We offer:
  • Industry technology expertise with links to Shell
  • Practical support and advice on resourcing, finance and marketing, including M&A and exits
  • An ability to hasten or accelerate the deployment of such technology directly into the marketplace.

Our unique link to Shell allows our staff to access the technical expertise of the company, to evaluate the potential pitfalls and difficulties of deploying new technology.

We actively promote opportunities between the Fund’s portfolio companies to share learnings, to work together and to leverage international experiences.

Kenda Capital manages Shell Technology Ventures Fund 1 BV's portfolio of investments in accordance with normal venture capital practices ensuring financial discipline while providing access to industry expertise.

Entrepreneurs with commercially viable technologies, an effective management team and executable business plan are candidates for funding.

For more information on how Kenda Capital can help you achieve your goals, contact us immediately. We treat all inquiries with a high degree of discretion.